The daappa Initiative – Q2 2024

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Chief Operating Officer

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We are delighted to present the Q2 2024 edition of the daappa newsletter, featuring a round-up of company news, product updates, and market insights from daappa.

  • Introducing… New UI Modernisation: Discover how our updated interface is designed to improve usability and productivity, making your work more efficient.

  • In An Industry in Flux” for The Drawdown’s “Operational Technology Report 2024,” Nicc Wright shares his thoughts on the pivotal challenges and tech shifts transforming private equity. 
  • Looking Ahead: Resilience and Transformation in Private Asset Markets” explores the current challenges and technological advancements in private equity.
  • daappa’s Participation in Key Industry Events” highlights our active engagement in important industry forums, fostering innovation and collaboration. 

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Discover daappa’s new UI for enhanced usability and productivity.

At daappa, the interface is as crucial as the functionality our solutions provide. Introducing our new user interface (UI) – a modernised design that enhances daily operations with a blend of aesthetics and practicality.

Why the New Look?

The decision to revamp the UI reflects our commitment to delivering powerful tools with an exceptional user experience. As technology and user expectations evolve, so must our interface. This modernisation ensures the software meets contemporary standards and anticipates future trends, making interactions smoother and more intuitive.

How It Helps:
  • Enhanced Usability: The new UI reduces complexity and streamlines workflows, enabling users to find and use features more efficiently.
  • Improved Accessibility: With better contrast, readable fonts, and a responsive design, the new interface is accessible to users with varying needs.
  • Increased Productivity: By minimising the learning curve and enhancing the logical flow of information, the new UI helps accomplish tasks faster.

Explore our new UI’s benefits for improved productivity and efficiency. Schedule a demo with Nicc Wright through through his Calendly link to see firsthand how daappa’s solutions can transform operations.

Industry Insights

An Industry in Flux

In his insightful contribution to The Drawdown’s “Operational Technology Report 2024,” Nicc Wright, COO of daappa, addresses the critical challenges and technological shifts impacting the private equity sector:

  • Data Sovereignty: Underscores the necessity of controlling data amidst evolving regulations.
  • Transparency and Compliance: Stresses the importance of robust asset valuation methods to meet increasing regulatory demands.
  • Technological Innovations: Showcases daappa’s cutting-edge solutions like DataHub and Extractor AI, which boost operational efficiency and compliance.
  • Future Preparedness: Outlines readiness for upcoming challenges with enhanced cybersecurity measures and cloud security in light of ISO 27001:2022 updates.

Dive deeper into these essential strategies and learn how daappa’s advanced solutions can empower your firm to excel in a complex regulatory environment. Visit our website to read the detailed analysis. Read the full article here.

Looking Ahead: Resilience and Transformation in Private Asset Markets


2024 stands as a watershed moment for the private asset sector, showcasing its capacity to withstand and adapt to significant economic and regulatory pressures. The anticipated growth in AUM, fuelled by the increasing influence of private wealth, marks a new chapter of opportunity.

Key Takeaways
  • Resilience Amidst Economic Challenges: Despite 2023’s significant economic hurdles, the private asset market displayed remarkable stability.
  • Rising Dominance of Private Wealth: A shift in market dynamics is underway, with private wealth increasingly driving the growth of private assets.
  • Retail Market Expansion: Regulatory changes in the EU and UK, like ELTIF 2.0, are set to broaden the retail market’s access to private equity.
  • Regulatory Shifts in 2024: New SEC regulations will demand enhanced transparency and investor protection from private equity firms.
  • Technology: Adapting to market and regulatory changes through effective and tactical AI integration should be the focus.

For a deeper dive into these topics and further exploration of how these trends will shape the private asset market in 2024, please read the full article on our website: Private Asset Markets 2024.

Company News

daappa's Participation in Key Industry Events

daappa actively participates in key industry events, so far this year this has included Adminovate 2024 Conference in Dublin, LPEA Tech Demo Day and the Family Offices & Asset Management Summit in Luxembourg.

These events have provided invaluable opportunities to learn about key industry developments, network with industry peers, clients, and prospects, and showcase our solutions. Our involvement has strengthened industry connections and opened doors for new collaborations, reinforcing our commitment to advancing fintech solutions in asset management and private equity.

We look forward to the possibility of collaborating and creating success together.

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News and insights


Unpacking the Future of Private Asset Management: Key Takeaways from daappa’s Geneva Roundtable

On 26 September 2023, daappa hosted an exclusive roundtable at the prestigious Cercle de la Terrasse in Geneva. The event, featuring Albin Gaignette of Index Ventures, brought together an elite group of professionals in the private asset management industry. The gathering served as a platform for in-depth discussions on the challenges and opportunities shaping the sector.

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