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Frequently asked

daappa is the new name for Framework Private Equity Investment Data Management. It’s the culmination of a multi-year digital transformation program since the company was acquired in 2016 by Bertil Rouveure (founder of Multifonds who exited to Temenos in 2015) and led by Karim Ali (co-founder of Cymba technologies who exited to FactSet in 2016).

daappa is a combination of software, cloud technology, data management, and proactive client servicing that enables the management,  administration and accounting of your assets and funds.

daappa makes investment data work for all stakeholders and provides a single source of truth.

Our platform is simple and easy to use; configuration is in the hands of the user, report production and data upload is automated, and  daappa users can independently customise their rules, mappings, presentation layer, and can drill down to the bottom of their investment structures to validate exposures and ownership. With self-service data interrogation, reporting and analytics, users are empowered with the data they need, in the format they require.

daappa is a smart choice for investment firms searching for a solution to simplify tasks and processes, control workflows and improve efficiency at both individual and organisational levels.

The daappa platform offers a flexible yet audited workflow which enforces roles and responsibilities, ensuring that every user is doing what they’re supposed to do every time.

Our sales methodology is low touch and has collaboration at its core.

Through our Learn – Explore – Act – Deliver (LEAD) blueprint, your buying journey begins with a series of familiarisation sessions in which we listen and learn all about you. Together, we then embark upon an exploratory chapter about how daappa may address current challenges, and cater for future expansion plans.

Through our iterative and continuous feedback loop, we incrementally offer new ideas and solutions that maintain a pleasurable buying experience throughout our engagement.

We want to make your decision to partner with us as seamless and effortless as possible. That’s why we offer a no obligation free trial period so you can see our platform in action. 

If you prefer a slightly more formalised approach, our low-cost, low risk Proof of Concept (PoC) option may be the one for you. With our PoC method, we load your sample data and work with you for a short period in simulating your “day in the life of” scenarios for your key personas.

The BRD Group of international Fintech companies is headquartered in Luxembourg with circa 100 employees across in Switzerland (STREETS), Luxembourg (Nadi Solutions), the UK, India and Luxembourg. (daappa).

Established in 2016, BRD provides complex software solutions to the global financial investment management sector through three operating companies specialising in private assets, real estate, and cross-border fund reporting, administration and accounting.

No – Bertil Rouveure still owns the business as before – Framework has been under a digital transformation and modernisation over the last 18 months, the rejuvenation of our name and branding reflects our newer modern innovative approach to how we work with our clients and the private assets market.