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daappa Studio+ is a powerful solution designed to simplify the management and oversight of complex private asset data sets and fund structures. Visualise and validate your data to unlock insights across investment, portfolio, ESG, compliance, performance, and accounting data more efficiently.

Key Benefits of daappa Studio+

daappa Studio+ is designed for investment management and fund servicing firms that want clarity and control over their private asset data sets. 

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Unlock the full potential of your private asset fund servicing data with daappa Studio+ Analytics, a powerful BI tool specifically designed for the private asset industry. With pre-configured dashboards and the ability to drill down to the record level, daappa Studio+ Analytics provides valuable insights into your operational and investment data, including key financial indicators, pre-calculated balances, pricing data, IRRs, KPIs, and ESG metrics across assets and funds.

Leverage these insights to generate unique modelling and data reporting for your firm, and create custom dashboards, reports, and charts that are relevant to your specific needs. With daappa Studio+ Analytics, you can easily produce your own branded, consolidated, and customised dashboards from multiple data sources, making it simple to share this information with internal or external stakeholders.

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Look Through

daappa Studio+ Look Through is a powerful way to view and group large volumes of data.  

Gain insight into your private asset investments like never before with Look Through. This powerful tool allows you to visualise the complete investment structure of any given investor, counterparty investment or fund through the display of key analytics, including exposure and multi-currency assessment for both simple and complex investment structures.

With Look Through, you can easily assess direct and indirect exposure and gain a comprehensive understanding of your investment structures. 

The data is represented visually and is available for downstream analysis and reporting, including ESG compliance and mandate monitoring, as well as INREV reports.

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daappa Studio+ Compliance is a powerful, multi-criteria rules-based engine that enables the comparison of portfolio exposures against restrictions and objectives.

With an intuitive rule builder interface, daappa Studio+ Compliance allows firms to meet investment restrictions, investor compliance and regulatory requirements more effectively than ever before. The compliance engine delivers results through visually rich and customisable dashboards, providing the flexibility to drill down through funds, SPVs and underlying investments.

By assessing ultimate exposures across investors and funds, daappa Studio+ Compliance enables firms to meet ESG requirements, evaluate mandate performance, mitigate funding risk and manage regulatory thresholds.

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