The daappa platform

daappa is the best way to manage, administer and account for your private assets. The daappa platform is a combination of software, cloud technology, data management and proactive client servicing. 

the daappa platform

Key Features

Back to front office functionality

Extensive multi-optional design

Compliance, access, security & audit controls

Platform capabilities

The integrated nature of our platform, accounting, investor services, transaction management through to end reporting – is, we believe, a significant differentiator.

daappa capabilities

Enterprise technology stack

daappa provides all the functionality required for private capital portfolios investing in direct investments, funds and SPVs

No code flexibility

Flexibility for users to enhance existing screens & dashboards or create their own from scratch.

Control & transparency

Create or configure user-driven business processes, supported by granular user control, approval workflows, audit logging and access rights.

Data query & reporting

Choose from a library of reports or utilise powerful analytical tools to interrogate the database and extract data in a range of formats.

Modular functionality

Front to back office functionality including portfolio management and administration, fund, portfolio & capital accounting, compliance, analytics, and reporting.

Data management & connectivity

In-built data management capabilities that allow for the automated and manual import and export of data from internal and external sources.

Managed cloud service

Private cloud service includes the maintenance of all hardware, software, server-side networking, systems operations, and DBA functions (install option available)

Private equity

Comprehensive functionality across the front, middle and back office, daappa centralises data, unifies stakeholders, mitigates risk and increases operational efficiency for all types of organisations across the private equity market.

  • Automate and customise business processes and workflows to your needs.
  • Manage the entire investment cycle including pipeline and deal flow, investment monitoring, performance measurement and valuations defined and controlled by you.
  • Import data from investment companies and automatically produce KPIs, ESG and performance measures for asset monitoring and for fund raising due diligence enquiries.
  • Define the calculations of your portfolios’ carried interest and parameterise your fee definitions without limitation, tailored to fund and investor mandates.
  • Produce reports compliant with the EVCA reporting, GIPS and IPEV valuation guidelines.
  • With advanced reporting capabilities, you can deliver investor specified reports to meet their regulatory requirements. You can also share documents with your investors using our two-way, branded and secure document-sharing platform.
Private debt / credit

In addition to private equity and real assets, daappa supports and processes all types of loans, notes, and constant repayment loans. 

  • Track all cash flows past, present and forecasted in your loan portfolios.
  • All types of interest rate structures are supported, including fixed, floating and spreads rates -both fixed and variable – as well as accretion and amortisation methodologies.
  • Missed payment penalties and interest recalculations are calculated according to your business pre-defined interest and alert rules.
  • Meet your internal and external reporting  obligations including IFRS9.
Real assets

Real assets, including property and infrastructure (e.g., green energy, mass transport, art, etc.) are fully supported by daappa.

  • Track your direct and indirect investments with feeds from multiple data sources. Property investments are recorded and monitored in accordance with INREV guidelines.
  • Automate Investment monitoring and performance measurement so you can focus on investment related tasks instead of data collation.
  • Generate regulatory reporting, standard and custom performance measurement reports.
Seed capital

Whether you are a development bank, fund or VC, daappa helps you to manage all business stages from early finance to the maturity of your investments.

daappa enables you to manage and monitor your deal flow, administer and report on investments throughout the deal lifecycle.

Fund of funds

Whether you are a fund of fund, wealth or asset manager, daappa enables you to easily manage large volumes of investment transactions and positions for top-level portfolios and underlying investments.

  • Automate performance measurement for allocations and the attribution of fees and costs, from simple to complex funds incorporating underlying investment risk exposures.
  • Third party fund and asset data is easily uploaded into the daappa platform through our API.
  • Create and maintain detailed client profiles and communicate with all your stakeholders effectively.
  • Track, monitor and compare investment portfolio and client holdings.
    Share personal and investment information securely and quickly using daappa Studio.
  • Remain complaint with fund and investor level mandate management with compliance analytics and reporting.
Listed securities

Publicly traded investments such as SPACs and corporate bonds can be managed and accounted for alongside your private investments as part of a fund portfolio.

Transactions and positions  from other internal dealing / OMS systems can be imported and exported to daappa to provide you with a complete picture of your portfolio in near real-time.

Asset types supported

Solutions designed for you

daappa is an alternative asset software platform designed to help firms that need to scale their operations and achieve operational alpha. 

daappa key strengths

Functional capabilites overview

Integrated solutions on the daappa platform

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daappa benefits

Why daappa

End to End Functionality for Private Assets

Operating Model Flexibility

Operational Efficiency & Scale

Risk Mitigation & Transparency

Open Architecture & Data Management

Proactive, Collaborative Supplier

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