daappa Announces New Office Relocations

daappa Announces New Office Relocations in the City of London and Luxembourg to Facilitate Growth and Closer Integration with Sister Companies

London UK:

daappa Limited, a leading private asset-focused fintech company, is pleased to announce that it has recently completed two office relocations, one in the City of London and one in Luxembourg. Both moves, which took place in the past few weeks, were necessary to accommodate the company’s expansion and closer integration of daappa’s sister company nadi Solutions. The new London office of daappa HQ is located in the historic Royal Exchange building and offers a modern and collaborative workspace within a beautifully preserved historical building. The move also provides employees and clients with a more convenient commute and access to public transportation. The new Luxembourg office, located on Rue Thomas Edison, Strassen, is shared with Nadi Solutions and facilitates closer integration and collaboration of the BRD group of companies that has accelerated in recent months. The move also allows both companies to better serve their clients and continue their rapid growth.

Karim Ali, CEO of daappa said:

“As we returned to the office regularly in Q2 2022, it became clear that we needed a more vibrant and collaborative space to accommodate our expanding team. These office moves help accelerate the integration of newer members of our team and the closer ties with our sister companies Nadi Solutions and STREETS.” daappa Limited would like to thank its clients and partners for their continued support during this exciting transition. The company looks forward to welcoming everyone to its new home at the Royal Exchange and Rue Thomas Edison.

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