daappa Studio

daappa Studio is purpose-built to enable seamless integration and to establish a unified and reliable source of truth for users harnessing the capabilities of daappa Core and third-party data sources.

Key Benefits of daappa Studio

daappa Studio is a powerful and comprehensive data management and data warehouse solution crafted to seamlessly integrate with daappa Core and your existing front, middle, and back office systems, to provide a unified and efficient experience for your stakeholders.

daappa Studio overview


Underpinning Studio and Studio+ is the daappa DataHub that provides periodic snapshots of  transactional data, real-time integration with external data providers and administrators, enabling users to create and configure combined datasets, reports and analytics. 

Create a single source of truth for all your investor reporting, performance analytics compliance obligations, market analysis and decision making data.

Centralised Data Sources and Industry-specific Data Models

Effortlessly combine data from multiple transaction and accounting sources in one unified platform, built specifically for private equity firms with unique data types and relationships such as investments, funds, capital calls, distributions, and valuations.

Comprehensive Analytics and Performance Metrics

Calculate and track vital private equity KPIs like IRR, TVPI, and DPI, while using Studio+ for the visualisation of tailored datasets, reports, and analytics.

Efficient Investor Reporting and Compliance

Generate and consolidate your data for investor-specific reports and communications using Studio+, ensuring transparency and compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards, such as AML, KYC, and GDPR.

Multi-currency, Multi-entity Support

Manage funds and investments across various currencies and legal entities with ease, and benefit from periodic snapshots of core client transactional data and real-time integration with external data providers for up-to-date insights.

Seamless Integration with daappa Core and Third-Party Platforms

Smoothly integrate DataHub with other systems via REST API and other file formats, such as CSV and XLSX files received via SFTP, for smooth data flow and interoperability.

daappa Studio overview


Portal is a bi-directional document-sharing platform that supports the client-stakeholder operations and relationship function. This web-based module provides investors, managers and other stakeholders with investment reports and related documentation.

Portal secures your investor onboarding and report delivery processes in a controlled environment. It can also receive and manage investment company financial data (actuals, budgets and forecasts) through the exchange of Excel or Word templates.

The data-entry templates to capture financial data with Portfolio Monitoring in daappa can be uploaded to the Portal automatically or by daappa users.

Portal also supports E-Signature workflows with HelloSign and DocuSign currently available now and the capability to be integrated with any other e-signature provider

daappa Studio overview

DataHub DataSync

The daappa DataHub DataSync is a powerful tool that streamlines the import of reference and transaction data from external sources into the daappa database. It supports tabular data in Excel and CSV file formats and requires read-only access to external sources.

DataSync enables the execution of numerous user-defined transformation and validation steps on the external source data, ensuring accuracy and consistency before importing it into the daappa database.

Once imported, the external source data is processed by the daappa application using existing business logic before being integrated into the daappa database. 

The DataSync Import Tool can be used to automate and streamline manual administrative tasks, such as posting transactions and creating reference data in bulk, significantly enhancing productivity and reducing the risk of errors.

Integrated sofware on the daappa platform

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daappa Core

Integrated functionality for firms that retained back-office operations, or are performing fund accounting, administration and investor services for others.

daappa Studio

Connect with other data sources to create a single source of truth, and to provide a branded interactive document & data exchange and reporting portal.

daappa Studio+

Visualise and validate your data to unlock insights across investment, portfolio, ESG, performance and accounting data more efficiently.

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