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Choosing daappa means you will not only benefit from a future-proof technology solution but a partner who is focused on developing a long-term relationship and is by nature proactive and flexible to your evolving business needs

Why daappa?

We know from experience that alignment of solution fit, subject matter expertise, deployment approach, communication, responsiveness, and culture are the keys to delivering high-value client outcomes and a healthy and innovative engagement.

We ensure that our resources are aligned to your ongoing business requirements, that you have continuity of personnel, and continuous investment in R&D and product development.

We employ a collaborative approach in developing the daappa product roadmap where our clients’ feedback is an important factor in determining how new features are prioritised for development and deployment. 

Our clients

We work with general partners, asset managers, fund administrators, development banks, VCs, wealth managers and more.
We are entrusted to help them stay ahead of regulatory and operational change. Our agile team cares deeply about what we produce and deliver to help our clients minimise their risks and maximise their opportunities.

What our clients say about us

Working with us

Onboarding approach

The daappa LEAD program is a professional, pragmatic and custom approach
to help you achieve your business outcome objectives. 


Breaking down the inner process of your business to determine project requirements.

From our initial engagement and right throughout the learning phase, we diligently and collaboratively interview your team and stakeholders in order to capture the very essence of your business and how your organisation functions. We strive to understand your challenges as a player in the private asset market and your role within it. We also want to get under the bonnet of your core values, mission statements and what drives your desire to improve.


Tailoring our implementation plan to match your needs.

Here at daappa, we believe the explore phase is one of the most exciting in any partnership. Whether it is a more formal proof of concept or a series of workshops, our professional services team engages with your key stakeholders in baselining existing processes and dataflows whilst our engineering team begins its acquaintance with your data and infrastructure by establishing a dedicated and secure environment for you to see our solutions in real life.


Creating a client bespoke roadmap to ensure we meet your business outcome objectives.

Based upon an agile construct, our proprietary Implementation, Delivery & Governance (IDG) blueprint will enable us to formalise a terms of reference with you, leaving no stone unturned and with clarity of detail at its core.


Delivering tangible outputs and providing early visibility of your desired end state.

With a sound base to work from and as our partnership further evolves, we are able to, collaboratively, pivot as needed to any unforeseen changes or solution features required.

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Working with us

Project Governance

daappa employs a standardised project governance that delivers certainty across the three dimensions of scope, cost, and time. The daappa Installation, Deployment and Governance (IDG) plan is used to capture, and record the information needed to correctly define and plan the project. Phases, timelines, scope, and milestones are agreed upon with the client as part of the IDG process.

Working with us

Product roadmap

As a valued client and partner, you will be invited to join our Customer Advisory Board (CAB) to influence and guide our cadenced 12-month roadmap that delivers quarterly software releases to our clients. Furthermore, if there is a particular new feature that is specific to you, but in our view may have broader applicability in due course, we will look to co-sponsor the associated development costs.

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Why work with us?

We are focused on delivering business outcomes




the daappa ecosystem

Technology & integration partners

We recognise that we cannot, nor should we try to do everything, so our platform is built with flexibility in mind on open architecture and we are dedicated to integrating with hardware, data and solution providers who share in our vision of an open and connected ecosystem.

User control

Social impact & sustainability

We strive to instil social responsibility deep within our organisation empowering managers and employees to have a positive impact in our local communities. We are committed to minimising our carbon footprint and committed to ensuring our processes and supplier relationships contribute to a sustainable future.

Security & privacy

daappa takes protecting your data and privacy seriously. We operate in accordance with all relevant global privacy protections including GDPR and subject our own and our client-hosted environments to regular and comprehensive security reviews.

daappa is a member of the BSI standards which accredits and monitors our processes and procedures to ensure continued high-quality solutions and ongoing IT security.

We are accredited under ISO 9001:2015 for software development and maintenance processes and ISO 27001 (ISMS). 


Frequently asked questions

What and who is daappa?

daappa is the new name for Framework Private Equity Investment Data Management. It’s the culmination of a multi-year digital transformation program since the company was acquired in 2016 by Bertil Rouveure (founder of Multifonds who exited to Temenos in 2015) and led by Karim Ali (co-founder of Cymba technologies who exited to FactSet in 2016).

What makes daappa different to other software providers?

daappa is a combination of software, cloud technology, data management, and proactive client servicing that enables the management,  administration and accounting of your assets and funds.

daappa makes investment data work for all stakeholders and provides a single source of truth.

Our platform is simple and easy to use; configuration is in the hands of the user, report production and data upload is automated, and  daappa users can independently customise their rules, mappings, presentation layer, and can drill down to the bottom of their investment structures to validate exposures and ownership. With self-service data interrogation, reporting and analytics, users are empowered with the data they need, in the format they require.

daappa is a smart choice for investment firms searching for a solution to simplify tasks and processes, control workflows and improve efficiency at both individual and organisational levels.

The daappa platform offers a flexible yet audited workflow which enforces roles and responsibilities, ensuring that every user is doing what they’re supposed to do every time.

What buying experience I can expect with daappa?

Our sales methodology is low touch and has collaboration at its core.

Through our Learn – Explore – Act – Deliver (LEAD) blueprint, your buying journey begins with a series of familiarisation sessions in which we listen and learn all about you. Together, we then embark upon an exploratory chapter about how daappa may address current challenges, and cater for future expansion plans.

Through our iterative and continuous feedback loop, we incrementally offer new ideas and solutions that maintain a pleasurable buying experience throughout our engagement.

Can I get a free trial or proof of concept?

We want to make your decision to partner with us as seamless and effortless as possible. That’s why we offer a no obligation free trial period so you can see our platform in action. 

If you prefer a slightly more formalised approach, our low-cost, low risk Proof of Concept (PoC) option may be the one for you. With our PoC method, we load your sample data and work with you for a short period in simulating your “day in the life of” scenarios for your key personas.

Who is BRD Group?

The BRD Group of international Fintech companies is headquartered in Luxembourg with circa 100 employees across in Switzerland (STREETS), Luxembourg (Nadi Solutions), the UK, India and Luxembourg. (daappa).

Established in 2016, BRD provides complex software solutions to the global financial investment management sector through three operating companies specialising in private assets, real estate, and cross-border fund reporting, administration and accounting.

Has there been a change of ownership?

No – Bertil Rouveure still owns the business as before – Framework has been under a digital transformation and modernisation over the last 18 months, the rejuvenation of our name and branding reflects our newer modern innovative approach to how we work with our clients and the private assets market.

How do you pronounce daappa?

like the word ‘dapper’

Definition of dapper:

1: very spruce and stylish 
2: alert and lively in movement and manners 

…. just like us 🙂

Ready to get started?

If you have all the information you need to get going, request a demo and we will set up a call to confirm we are the right fit for you.

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