daappa Launches Pioneering Extractor AI Solution, Elevating Data Management in Private Assets

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Nicc Wright

Head of Sales, Product & Marketing

Introducing an innovative solution for GPs and VCs, transforming the way data is sourced, managed, and aggregated from PDFs powered by a strategic alliance with Zanran.

London, UK – daappa, a leader in fintech solutions for the private asset sector, today proudly announces the release of its advanced Extractor AI solution.

Developed in collaboration with Zanran, renowned for their expertise in data extraction from complex documents, this tool is set to significantly enhance how firms manage their private assets and interpret financial data.

Extractor AI, seamlessly integrated within daappa Studio+, is a cutting-edge tool designed to tackle the challenges posed by the prevalent use of PDFs in the private asset industry. It leverages a private-cloud, AI-powered engine to convert both structured and unstructured scanned tabular data from PDFs into enriched, transaction and portfolio monitoring data with unparalleled accuracy.

Reflecting on the broader impact of this collaboration, Jon Goldhill, CEO of Zanran, said, “Our alliance with daappa underscores our commitment to advancing data extraction technology. Zanran’s sophisticated algorithms, combined with the innovative approaches of companies like daappa, are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in financial data management.”

The integration with Zanran brings together their cutting-edge functionalities, such as contextual data point extraction and scalable technology, into daappa’s Extractor AI. This synergy enables efficient and accurate data processing, boosting the operational capabilities of private equity firms.

Nicc Wright, Head of Sales, Product, and Marketing at daappa, emphasised the unique value of this solution, stating, “With Extractor AI, we’re focused on delivering outcomes, not just outputs. This tool is designed to transform data into actionable portfolio company insights and transactional data, plugging a gap in the operating model of many firms.”

Studio already delivers substantial benefits including advanced business intelligence and analytics reporting, and powerful Look-through and fund oversight capabilities for private asset funds. The addition of Extractor AI further elevates these advantages, offering a comprehensive solution for data aggregation, visualization, and validation from multiple sources and service providers.

Extractor AI represents the realisation of a new era in data management for the private asset industry,” added Nicc Wright. “Amidst the recent surge in AI advancements, we’re equipping firms to navigate the complexities of data integration with unprecedented ease and efficiency, harnessing the transformative power of AI to drive strategic decision-making and operational agility.

For more information on daappa’s Extractor AI and how it’s redefining data management in the private equity sector, visit daappa.com.

About daappa

daappa is a leading fintech company that provides innovative data, accounting, and administration solutions to the private asset industry.

Our integrated software platform is purpose-built to help asset owners, asset managers, general partners and service providers to streamline their investor and asset servicing operations and enable them to make data-driven decisions.

At daappa, we are committed to driving industry-wide innovation and we are trusted by our clients to help them stay ahead of regulatory and operational change. Our agile team cares deeply about what we build and deliver to help our clients minimise their risks and maximise their opportunities.

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About BRD Group 

daappa is part of the BRD Fintech group of international Fintech companies that is headquartered in Luxembourg, with 100+ employees and operations in Switzerland (STREETS), Luxembourg (Nadi Solutions), the UK, India, and Luxembourg (daappa).

Established in 2016 by Bertil Rouveure, BRD provides complex software solutions to the global financial investment management sector through our three operating companies specialising in private assets, real estate, and cross-border fund reporting, administration, and accounting.

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