Celebrating Five Years of Advancing Private Asset Fund Administration in Luxembourg

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With over €5,028bn in net assets under management and a history of over 30 years in fund domiciliation, Luxembourg stands as a cornerstone in the global funds industry. Its infrastructure, forward-thinking approach, and now robust ecosystem of private capital managers position Luxembourg as a leader in the domiciliation of alternative asset classes, including private debt, private equity, and real estate. Marking five years since establishing our Luxembourg office, daappa’s tenure here has been characterised by adapting to and innovating within the unique dynamics of the market, while establishing daappa as a key player in providing comprehensive private asset fund administration solutions.

daappa’s Five-Year Luxembourg Journey

Since establishing our Luxembourg office, daappa has mirrored the country’s evolution. Strategically positioned at Europe’s investment nexus, we’ve seen a steady increase in assets under management and administration, reflecting our market engagement and commitment to innovation. The arrival of Renato Moreschi, a veteran fund servicing expert, marked a turning point, amplifying our local presence and expertise.

Integrating Global Trends with Local Expertise

As Luxembourg’s fund structures diversify, daappa has been a front-runner in embracing and advancing these changes. Our accounting and administration solution, critical in managing an array of funds including SIFs, RAIFs, and the increasingly popular ELTIFs, have positioned us at the forefront of the industry’s private asset shift. Our role in this transformation is evident through our comprehensive fund administration and more recent data management and business intelligence solutions. These innovations help to streamline operations and provide invaluable insights, enabling informed business and investment decisions.

daappa’s Role in Asset Servicing Transformation

Over these five years, daappa has played a significant role in transforming Luxembourg’s private asset fund administration landscape. Providing our clients with the ability to handle open-ended corporate funds in addition to traditional partnership fund accounting and NAV workflow automation as just two examples that have empowered our clients to remain efficient and agile in responding to increasingly complex client demands.

Looking Ahead: daappa’s Vision for the Future

In a landscape where traditional asset management in Europe is rapidly evolving, marked by the emergence of ELTIF II and an increased focus on sustainability through new ESG principles and regulations, daappa is keenly positioned at the forefront of these shifts. Luxembourg, currently the second largest fund centre globally, stands as a testament to expertise in retailisation and alternative investments, driving the democratisation of investment. daappa’s vision aligns with this transformative wave, especially as ELTIF II facilitates broader access to private asset investments.

This context shapes our journey ahead. daappa’s commitment to enhancing the private asset fund administration sector is now intertwined with these broader trends, ensuring that our strategies and solutions are not only responsive but also pioneering. As we embrace the next wave of democratisation and trends in fund administration, our focus will be on providing a scalable and efficient technology platform that responds to regulatory shifts.

Our ongoing initiatives aim to simplify complex operations and to expand our adoption of new AI and cloud technologies, ensuring that daappa remains a key player in this evolving narrative, not just within Luxembourg but in the broader European private market landscape where we aim to be one of the leading architects, shaping the future with innovation and a deep understanding of the market’s emerging new dynamics.

To find out more about daappa contact Nicholas Wright (UK & Ireland) or Renato Moreschi (EMEA)

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