Unlocking Opportunities – The Rise of Retailisation in Private Markets

The retailisation of private markets is reshaping the investment landscape, creating new opportunities for investors, asset managers and fund administrators. In this article, we will explore the driving forces behind this trend and present practical strategies to navigate the challenges and capitalise on the benefits of retailisation.

Private Asset Funds -Riding the Wave of Change in 2023

Private equity firms are facing challenges and opportunities in 2023 due to changing investor preferences, new regulations, and the growing importance of ESG factors. Learn more about how our daappa software is helping GPs and fund administrators managed this change.

Hybrid Funds – Top 3 Considerations for Fund Administration

Optimism surrounding the opportunities that hybrid funds offer is often tempered when firms dig into the operational, regulatory and technological challenges of new asset classes and fund types. Learn about the challenges and solutions related to fund administration.

The Impact of Technology on Private Markets

daappa surveyed general partners asset managers and administrators in the UK and continental Europe to explore how they are dealing with fragmented systems and operational data challenges specifically related to private market operations.

The Golden Source of Truth

Recent industry talks have centred around ESG data, its reporting and further transparency for Private Assets investors.  The emphasis on the pre-sales stage of fundraising and ongoing sustainable investing has never been more important.