daappa for Limited Partners

In the ever-evolving realm of private assets, Limited Partners require robust and innovative solutions to navigate their investment landscape effectively.

daappa understands these unique challenges and offers Studio+, a bespoke suite of tools designed to empower LPs with advanced data management, insightful analytics, and comprehensive compliance solutions.

Our commitment is to transform the complexity of private equity investments into a streamlined and transparent process, enabling LPs to focus on strategic decision-making and value creation.

Limited Partners

Understanding your needs

The private equity market presents a myriad of challenges for Limited Partners, primarily revolving around data management, analysis, and regulatory compliance.

LPs are often confronted with the daunting task of making sense of extensive and fragmented data, drawn from a variety of sources and presented in numerous formats.

This complexity is compounded by the need for sophisticated analytics to extract actionable insights and the growing pressure of regulatory compliance and accurate reporting.

Understanding these challenges is the first step towards developing effective strategies and solutions that can significantly enhance the efficiency and efficacy of investment management.

Challenges Faced by LPs:

LPs often struggle with data from various investments scattered across different formats and systems. This fragmentation hinders efficient analysis and decision making.

With complex investment structures, LPs need advanced tools to make sense of vast data and derive actionable insights.

Managing and integrating data from multiple sources can be cumbersome and time-consuming for LPs.

LPs require precise and customisable tools for valuation and oversight to ensure accuracy and compliance.

 Understanding the intricate details of portfolio holdings and underlying assets is crucial for LPs to assess risks and opportunities.

Staying abreast of changing regulations and investor reporting requirements is a constant challenge.

daappa Studio+ for LPs

data-driven and flexible software for
Limited Partners

daappa’s flexible Security Master Model allows you to create and define any asset type including PE, private debt/credit, real estate, real assets, as liquid / listed assets and funds.

Our cutting-edge technology solutions enable you to seamlessly bridge disparate data sources with ease. You can now import private capital datasets, including unstructured PDFs, without any hassle.

With our innovative approach, we help you build a dependable and trustworthy single source of truth that will enable you to take more informed decisions and drive growth.

We understand how challenging it can be to manage multiple data sources with different formats, and that’s why we offer tailor-made solutions that cater to your specific business needs.

Analytics is a powerful BI tool that is specifically designed for the private asset industry. With pre-configured dashboards and the ability to drill down to the record level, Daappa Studio+ Analytics provides valuable insights into your operational and investment data, including key financial indicators, pre-calculated balances, pricing data, IRRs, KPIs, and ESG metrics across assets and funds.

Leverage these insights to generate unique modelling and data reporting for your firm. Create custom dashboards, reports, and charts that can help you gain a deeper understanding of your data and make better decisions based on actionable information.

daappa Studio+ Look Through is a powerful way to view and group large volumes of data.

Gain insight into your private asset investments like never before with Look Through. This powerful tool allows you to visualise the complete investment structure of any given investor, counterparty investment or fund through the display of key analytics, including exposure and multi-currency assessment for both simple and complex investment structures.

With Look Through, you can easily assess direct and indirect exposure and gain a comprehensive understanding of your investment structures.

The data is represented visually and is available for downstream analysis and reporting, including ESG compliance and mandate monitoring, as well as INREV reports.

In the realm of fund administration, the adage ‘trust but verify’ is paramount. While fund administrators play a crucial role in managing and reporting asset values, it’s vital for LPs to have independent means of verification. Studio+ empowers you with this capability. Our shadow accounting and oversight features enable you to independently verify the valuations provided by your fund administrators. This dual-layer of verification not only enhances trust in the reported figures but also provides an essential check-and-balance mechanism, ensuring the integrity and accuracy of your financial reports.

daappa provides standard reports for financial reporting (including IFRS9), market reporting (such as BCL, INREV, FATCA and CRS) and performance reporting such as IRRs with many parameters to customise to your needs.

You can adapt these reports and create your own to reflect your specific requirements and include extra data that you may have chosen to collect.

daappa contains a powerful data enquiry and reporting function called Analyser that puts you in control of creating sophisticated data extracts and reports.

You can query the database, sort and filter on many combinations and permutations of data using drag and drop and report builder.

Define your own calculations so that virtually any measurement ratio or factor can be supported.

Reports can be exported in a range of formats including CSV, XLSX, PDF, RTF, TXT, HTML.

Scheduling of regular reports is controlled using the inbuilt task runner.

The key to effective compliance is transparency and accuracy. Studio+’s compliance monitoring feature provides comprehensive data validation, a flexible rules engine and reporting capabilities. This ensures that your reports and disclosures meet the highest standards of accuracy and completeness, fostering trust among stakeholders and regulatory bodies.

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daappa benefits

Why daappa

End to End Functionality for Private Assets

Multi asset, class & currency
Private equity, debt, funds, real assets
Transaction and report driven processing

Open Architecture & Data Management

Automate & centralise multiple data sources
Cloud-hosted Microsoft technologies
Secure & encrypted document exchange

Operational Efficiency & Scale

Built-for-purpose integrated solutions
Single source of truth data model
Scalable technology platform

Risk Mitigation & Transparency

Granular user access control
Maker / Checker / Approval workflow
Full audit history reporting

Operating Model Flexibility

‘No code’ dashboard, data field and workflow builder
Business process designer & task runner
Self service reports & data extract builder

Proactive, Collaborative Supplier

Managed cloud and ecosystem services

Transparent pricing model
Collaborative roadmap and quarterly releases

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Subscription packages available on the daappa platform

daappa Core

For firms who require integrated end-to-end functionality and have retained middle and/or back-office operations, or are performing fund accounting, administration and investor services for others.

daappa Studio

For teams that need Core to connect with other data sources to create a single source of truth, and to provide a branded interactive document & data exchange and reporting portal for their clients.

daappa Studio+

For firms who require integrated end-to-end functionality and have retained middle and/or back-office operations, or are performing fund accounting, administration and investor services for others.