The daappa Initiative – Q4 2023

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We are delighted to present the Q4 2023 edition of the daappa newsletter, featuring a round-up of company news, product updates, and market insights from daappa HQ.

  • Introducing… Extractor AI: Our new AI-driven PDF data extraction tool is available now and is a game changer in terms of accuracy and usability.

  • Product Spotlight: learn about DataHub and uncover how our functional data warehouse can help streamline data management.
  • Enhanced Desktop Functionality: Explore our enhanced Carried Interest functionality and new Excel add-in for daappa Core.

  • Company News: “Unpacking the Future of Private Asset Management” a write-up of daappa’s insightful roundtable event in Geneva and reflections on our five-year milestone in Luxembourg

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Discover the future of private asset data management with the new Studio app Extractor AI

Introducing Extractor AI, a key feature in our Studio data management suite, designed to transform data management for GPs and VCs. This innovative tool employs a private cloud advanced AI model to streamline the sourcing and aggregation of complex data, offering a smarter approach to handling financial and investment information.

Key Use Cases of Extractor AI:
  • Financial Statements: Revenue and cost data, balance sheet items, and cash flow indicators from financial reports and presentations.
  • Portfolio & ESG: data including performance metrics, risk indicators, governance and company structure descriptions, and social impact metrics.
  • Capitalisation Tables: Extract shareholder percentages, equity types, and valuation data directly from capitalisation tables. Onscreen comparison of tables from period to period.
  • Schedule of Investments: Asset and industry classifications, holdings & transaction histories extracted with relevant company details
Key Benefits of Extractor AI:
  • AI-Driven Data Extraction: Leverage the power of AI to extract and manage data from all document types with unparalleled accuracy and ease.
  • Rapid Onboarding: Seamlessly scan and extract data from any document, new or old, without the need for template training, accelerating your operational readiness.
  • Data Normalisation: Ensure data uniformity and accuracy by normalising data points prior to extraction, thus enhancing the quality and reliability of extracted data.
  • In-Document Search Capabilities: Navigate through documents effortlessly with advanced search functionalities, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Extractor AI is integrated within daappa Studio enabling a frictionless and efficient way to aggregate, visualise, validate and report on your data from your other systems and outsourced service providers in addition to daappa/Framework Core.

To learn more, you can schedule a demo with Nicc Wright through his Calendly link.

Product News

Enhanced Carried Interest Functionality in daappa Core

We’re excited to announce significant enhancements in Version 12.8 of daappa Core, specifically in carried interest calculation capabilities. This update introduces an intuitive Excel add-in feature, streamlining the fund distribution and fee session calculations, and aligning with European and American models.

Key enhancements include:

  • Customisable methodologies for carried interest calculations, offering flexibility to fit diverse fund requirements.
  • A range of new parameters for more precise calculation controls.
  • Easy access to historical data for better analysis and informed decision-making.

This advancement in daappa Core reflects our commitment to providing sophisticated, user-friendly solutions in fund administration. It’s designed to enhance efficiency and accuracy for fund managers and administrators, making daappa Core a more valuable tool in your asset management toolkit.

For more details and to see how these features can benefit your operations, please book a demo.

Product Spotlight ... DATAHUB

A Functional Data Warehouse for Private Assets

Discover DataHub, daappa’s specialised solution for managing complex financial data in private assets. DataHub and DataHub Sync offer seamless integration and aggregation of data from various sources into a functional warehouse.

It supports customisable data models and powers our Studio+ apps for accurate KPI calculations like IRR, TVPI, and DPI. With DataHub, streamline your reporting process by creating a single, reliable source of truth for all your internal and external reporting needs.

Learn more about DataHub’s capabilities: Book a demo now or learn more via this article on our website.

Company News

Corporate Milestone

Reflecting on Five Years in Luxembourg with daappa 

As daappa commemorates five years in Luxembourg, we invite you to explore insights and developments that could quietly transform the way you approach asset management. We invite you to discover how our growth in Luxembourg’s financial hub has refined our solutions to meet sophisticated business needs.

Read more about our exciting journey and plans in Luxembourg: Celebrating 5 Years in Luxembourg.


daappa hosts an insightful roundtable in Geneva 

On 26 September 2023, daappa hosted an exclusive business lunch roundtable at Geneva’s Cercle de la Terrasse that gathered top leaders to discuss the current landscape and future of private asset fund management

Key topics included navigating regulatory complexities, leveraging real-time business insights, and the importance of robust data management strategies.

Key Takeaways
  • Necessity of (near) Real-Time Insights: The critical need for real-time insights and business intelligence in decision-making was highlighted.
  •  Operational and Regulatory Risk Protection: The significance of robust compliance mechanisms to ensure data integrity and meet regulatory and client risk requirements was stressed.
  • The importance of coherent data management strategies for accurate online and on-demand reporting was a common thread.
  • Industry Adaptability and Operational Resilience: With the outsourcing of back office operations common amongst the group, being in control of data was seen as a future need to demonstrate operational resilience.
Discover more about the impactful discussions, insights shared, and daappa’s strategic role in these evolving conversations in: daappa’s Geneva Roundtable.

Warm Holiday Wishes from All of Us at daappa


As we approach the festive season and the year draws to a close, we want to extend our gratitude for the interest and engagement you’ve shown in daappa. We hope the holiday season fills your home with joy and peace, and that the coming year is abundant in prosperity and success. 

Here’s to a promising and exciting 2024! We look forward to the possibility of collaborating and creating success together.

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News and insights


Unpacking the Future of Private Asset Management: Key Takeaways from daappa’s Geneva Roundtable

On 26 September 2023, daappa hosted an exclusive roundtable at the prestigious Cercle de la Terrasse in Geneva. The event, featuring Albin Gaignette of Index Ventures, brought together an elite group of professionals in the private asset management industry. The gathering served as a platform for in-depth discussions on the challenges and opportunities shaping the sector.

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Unlocking Opportunities – The Rise of Retailisation in Private Markets

The retailisation of private markets is reshaping the investment landscape, creating new opportunities for investors, asset managers and fund administrators. In this article, we will explore the driving forces behind this trend and present practical strategies to navigate the challenges and capitalise on the benefits of retailisation.

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